The Dyrdal farm

It is believed that the area around Bakka was settled before Christ. The name Bakka has been spelled differently throughout the years: "Backe" in 1563, "Bache" in 1667, and in 1723 and through the 1800's it was written as "Bakka" or "Bakke". 

The name means a hill or a sloped field. The town's population has varied, reaching a maximum around 1850, when roughly 70 people lived in the town. 

Today there are two active farms, and in the wintertime 8-10 people live there. 


The Dyrdal farm has been handed down through 2 generations. The farm itself is not active in regards to farming, but instead used year round as a second home for the family.


The church at Bakka was built in 1859 and is the parish center for towns along the fjord and the Naeroy valley.


The oldest building at Bakka is believed to be the "smoke house", dating back to around 1600.



Dyrdal Gard
5749 BAKKA


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